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Unbricked Communications has experience writing for event proposals and event collateral, speechwriting, ghostwriting, article writing, blog writing, and more.


Once an idea is formed, putting pen to paper – or fingers to keys – can sometimes be a challenge. Compelling, illustrative text can make or break a report, event proposal, speech, or presentation. Taking ideas and turning them into the correct words to accomplish your goals is one of the most important services I offer. Whether it is presenting a concept to a new or existing client, updating stakeholders on the state of your organization, or ghostwriting messages to represent your C-suite in internal or external communications, I will work with you ensure your message is delivered accurately and skillfully.

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Sometime it’s not getting ideas down on paper that is the problem; it’s ensuring that each word is saying exactly what you need it to say. Quality editing can take your message from good to great. If you already have drafted your message, I can assist with editing for style, content, and clarity.

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