The Process


Every project begins with a conversation. Held in person, over the phone, or via video chat, the purpose of this meeting is to ensure all of your project goals are fully considered. Is this a standalone project, such as writing, editing, or creative direction? Or are you looking for something you can reuse, such as an event proposal template, a logo, or text for your web site? Understanding the full scope of what you would like to accomplish is critical in creating a successful result.


After agreeing on terms, we can start the creative process. By way of our conversation and independent research on your project, I will assemble a concept or draft text for your review. This likely will not be the final piece but rather a place for us to assess the creative approach and agree on its effectiveness.


Once the initial design or text has been created, we can work together to identify any areas where you might want to see changes. Incorporating feedback into the final product ensures you receive a product that reflects your brand and accomplishes your goals. Sometimes, this process of feedback and editing may take a couple rounds of tweaking to get the final product just right.


Your project will be delivered or executed as per our agreed-upon schedule and format. Your satisfaction with the final product is important to me. All information will be stored in accordance with industry standards (e.g., deleting any private information, saving original designs). If you later need a variation, the needed resources will still be available.


Event Proposal Design

Writing and Editing

Presentation Design