Event Proposal Design

Stand out.

Event proposals can be tricky.

Sometimes, less is more.

Other times, more and more and more and more is more.

An event proposal design from Unbricked Communications can ensure you:

  • Address all RFP requirements
  • Show text and images in an impactful way
  • Deliver a client-focused document
  • Stay consistent with your brand identity
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Present a professional image
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

Unbricked Communications has written and designed event management proposals submitted to many Fortune 500, Fortune 200, and Fortune Future 50 companies. Several U.S. News & World Report Top 50 universities also have received an proposal created by Unbricked Communications.

Event proposals can be presented to clients in a variety of ways. Options include print, pdf, interactive pdf, dynamic web page, or direct-entry material for end-client RFP or RFI portals.

Unbricked Communications also can create a customized event proposal template that reinforces your brand and allows you to edit material as you choose. This event proposal template will be completely unique to your business; it will be designed from scratch to best suit your specific needs.

Clients and their prospects always remain confidential unless explicit permission is given to Unbricked Communications to exhibit materials online or elsewhere. Shown examples represent my portfolio but may or may not have been real proposals.

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