Event Management

Tell a story.

The most successful events use the key elements of storytelling to drive success. Without engaging characters, an appropriate environment, and a tailored plot where every element helps drive the storyline, an audience will quickly lose interest. Every event decision should be directed at creating this new space that has been custom designed to be a multisensory message delivery system. Anyone could offer a nice dinner, but not just anyone will make the commitment to create an immersive experience his or her attendees will remember long after the event is over. In my opinion, the greatest ROI comes with the latter, and it’s that mindset I bring to the table when working to create and manage every event on which I work.


Indiana University - WWI Centennial Forum

With 12 panelists representing 10 countries, the panel included the ambassadors to the United States from Australia, Bulgaria, and Austria. Other panelists included consuls general, a deputy chief of mission, and other domestic and foreign officials. The group discussed the lasting socioeconomic effects from World War I that remain a century after the war’s beginning.

A standing-room-only event for 250+ people, the event required scheduling and managing all dignitaries, coordinating transportation, training staff on needed protocol, and creating a comprehensive security plan.


Kansas State University Foundation - Changing Lives Campaign Closing

To celebrate the close of its $500 million “Changing Lives” campaign, the Kansas State University Foundation hosted a series of events that included dinner for 1,000 guests, a concert from Sara Evans for 8,000, and a VIP reception with Evans for 200.


Indiana University Southeast - Chancellor's Medallion Dinner

An event that combined a scholarship fundraiser, an awards ceremony, and a celebration of the campus’ 70th anniversary, the Chancellor’s Medallion Dinner, “A Celebration of the Past, Present, and Future of the University,” won many awards, including an ILEA Esprit Award for Best Event for a Non-Profit.


Indiana University - Visit of Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline visited Indiana University for three days. Coordination of the visit included presentation of an honorary degree, an interview in front of a crowd of 2,000, a Q+A session following a showing of A Fish Called Wanda, a VIP reception, private dinners, and media interviews.

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