Flat and Animated

3D Renderings

Offer a unique point of view.

3D Renderings

If a picture says 1,000 words, then what does a 3D rendering or animated 3D video say? Set yourself apart from your competition by adding this unique element to your presentation. Unbricked Communications can provide images that look hand-drawn or photorealistic renderings with custom lighting and shading, material reflectivity and transparency, section cuts, and more. Renderings can show your design from any angle, or with a bit more time, they can be animated to show your client a fly-through of your proposed space.

Complex 3D renderings can be time-intensive, so please allow for adequate lead time to get the best result.

Floorplans, custom graphics, and other images

Do you need a professional floorplan or other image to show off your design? Unbricked Communications can provide consultation and design for room layouts, mock-ups, custom graphics, and many other elements to create and illustrate an event design.

Other Services

Event Proposal Design

Writing and Editing

Presentation Design