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Unbricked Communications provides professional services in event proposal design, event proposal writing, graphic design, and event management.

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Services for event management companies, large and small businesses, universities, individuals, and more.

Event Proposal Design

Show professionalism with a custom event proposal for a special prospect or a branded event proposal template for your business.

Writing and Editing

Elevate your event proposal writing, speechwriting, event collateral text, and media editing.

Creative Direction

Bring me on board to manage a wide variety of creative services including production and program design.

Presentation Design

Assemble your creative ideas and display them in a fresh and unique way.

3D Renderings

Take your event proposal to the next dimension by including 3D graphics and video animation.

Event Management

Bring in an experienced event professional to manage your event or support your efforts.

Generating Ideas. Delivering Results.

Quality presentations to represent your quality events.

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The Proof

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According to a recent study conducted by Event Manager Blog, only a small percentage of event management companies are going the extra mile to ensure their event proposals are written and designed well. Even fewer add that extra “pop!” to their proposals, such as video, 3D renderings, or other visual eye candy. Unbricked Communications can take your event proposal to the next level, making it stand out from the competition. Put yourself in that top 5 percent of event professionals!

  • Event Companies that ensure proposals are designed well – 20%
  • Event companies that add something innovative for the client – 5%
  • Clients that appreciate the effort – 100%

The Pudding

A small taste of what you could be sending to your clients.

Why professional design is different

The most successful event management companies have something in common: they know how to write and design a proposal for a potential client, or they know when to strategically invest in some help. If you struggle with taking your ideas and translating them into an event proposal worthy of the events you produce, then contact me. Professional design and writing assistance from an experienced event planner is highly uncommon, so take advantage of the opportunity. Unbricked Communications will work with you to create a custom event proposal to help you land your dream client, or we can design an event proposal template that you can use over and over again as part of your daily business. Writing, graphic design, layout, 3D renderings, and more are all within the scope of work available to you. You can be sure you’ll have a greater chance at impressing your potential client with a well-written and well-designed event proposal.

Award-winning Experience

Brady K. Miller, CSEP has accrued nearly two dozen awards for excellence in communications and event management. Recognition includes accolades from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and the International Live Events Association.

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